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Molift Smart 150

The Molift Smart 150 is nothing but smart. It is designed to be easily wheeled and transported to where lifting and moving is required. For this it has been awarded The Norwegian Design Council's Award for Design Excellence.

Molift Smart 150 is portable and foldable, butr still perfect for all lifting and moving situations. The excellent lifting range makes lifting from the floor simple. The standard 4-point suspension combined with a Molift sling ensures comfortable and correct positioning from lying to sitting and vice versa. 
One folding piece
The Molift Smart 150 is easy to fold for wheeling and to unfold in preparation for use. The Molift Smart 150 can also be divided into two parts, without the use of tools, to reduce the weight for transporting. The heaviest part weighs only 13.5kg. 
Easy to maneuver
The low weight, only 25 kg without battery, makes Molift Smart 150 extremely easy to maneuver. It has  manually adjustable legs to ensure easy access. 
Molift Smart 150 can be used in most situations; at home, in home care, in schools, on trips, as well as at hospitals and institutions.
The Molift Smart 150 is equipped with an automatic service notification. This built-in software calculates when the lifter requires servicing. It also has electric / manual lowering functions and emergency stop.
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